Specialty Packaging Series  
  Solutions for a variety of special applications that feature specific product handling capabilities and size requirements.  
TF-1250 Vacuum Transport  
Designed for secondary offline operations. It creates an open space on the carriage for adding equipment such as bar code readers, date stamps and more. In addition, the vacuum belt feature can provide improved product stabilization by utilizing a vacuum generator or a vacuum blower. Available in custom lengths and is available on other models as well. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
TF-1250 Vertical Discharge  
The new TF-1250 Vertical Discharge is specially designed to feed and dispense products vertically downward into targets such as boxes, open books, containers, and more. The TF Series incorporates an Allen Bradley Panel View display with easy user friendly menu maneuverability and powered with servo technology for high speed and increased torque. The TF-1250 Vertical Discharge easily integrates mechanically and electrically for increased system efficiency. 230vac version is CE certified.

Available on other models as well - Contact us to discuss your requirements.

U-Card Former / Feeder  
The U-Card Former is a specially designed to feed, form and dispense cards for food placement. Included are plow forming plates that shape u-cards as they are dispensed from the feeder. The transport belt provides control of the product to improve performance. The card can then be placed on a variety of conveyor streams for product placement and wrapping.
The TF-600 and TF-1250 Vacuum Transport Bar Code Reading systems are ideal for applications requiring bar code reading / verification. The 14” long vacuum transport holds the product to the belt decreasing the chance for skew and increasing system efficiency*. The TF Series incorporates many of the same useful features while adding a new Allen Bradley Panel View display with easy user friendly menu maneuverability. Powered with servo technology for high speed and increased torque providing the highest performance available. Ideal for use in many applications and will easily integrate mechanically and electrically for increased productivity.
LX20-SST Pizza Circle Dispenser
The new LX-20-SST is packed with unique features that make it the
best value in the marketplace today for feeding pizza circles! Tool-less,
quick make ready adjustments and versatility makes this the perfect
wide products packaging feeder for pizza operations pursuing increased
productivity at an affordable price.
Series 125 Tagger  
The Series 125 Tagger is the ideal solution for increasing productivity on your bag seed and feed filling lines. The Tagger is designed to automatically dispense tags onto the filled bag as the bag enters the sewing machine. Tags can be applied long or short leading.



Labeling Series

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