Placer and Denester Series  
  Industry leading pick and place versatility for stand-alone use or integrated into OEM systems. From small footprint reciprocating models to high speed rotary models to fully integrated turnkey systems. Multiple platforms available to meet a variety of requirements and budgets.  
Mini Reciprocating Placer "Mini" Reciprocating Placer
The “Mini” Reciprocating Placer is designed to accurately place products onto intermittent or continuous motion conveyors. Ideal in situations where you must not mar the product. Use it in areas where space is limited. Easily adapts to customers’ existing conveyors and production machinery.
Reciprocating Placer / Denester
Thiele Reciprocating Placers are designed for versatility, accuracy, and consistency. Repeatable setups, quick-change hoppers, and tool-less changeovers make them the most user friendly machines in the marketplace today. Heavy-duty construction provides many years of service. Completely configured to order, you can be assured that Thiele will fit your application perfectly.

Vertical Placement of Pharmaceutical Inserts Custom Attaching (Tip-on) System for Personal Care Products 90 Degree Pick from Horizontal Magazine Side Pick for Brittle Cookie and Cracker Trays Placing Literature/Cards
Rotary Placer / Denester
Designed to be highly versatile with impressive accuracy and high speed for literature or shallow-tray feeding, multi-task assembly and denesting applications. Ideal in situations whereyou must not mar the product. Features innovative design and heavy-duty construction. Easily integrates with customers’ existing equipment.
Rotary Top / Side Outsert Placer
The Rotary Top / Side Outsert Placer provides high-speed gluing of pharma-serts or the automatic placement of medicine cups onto a variety of bottle types. The rugged construction of this machine will provide years of service that endures the most demanding applications. Systems can be configured left or right.
  Tray Denester / Labeler / Restacker
Designed to feed thermoformed plastic trays onto a flighted conveyor with the open side down. The trays are then presented to the labeling heads which apply top, product identification, and bottom UPC labels. Automatic system checks that labels have been applied, and trays are then restacked for manual removal and final packaging.
  Clamshell Tray Closing System
Clamshell Tray Closing Systems from Thiele Technologies provide that final piece of automation for manually filled trays. Trays are automatically denested and placed on a conveyor for manual filling of contents and then automatically closed and dispensed for further packaging and / or



Labeling Series

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