Mailing / Fulfillment Series  
  Our industry leading, tried and true machines are known to help users increase their productivity year after year on swing arm inserters, inkjet systems, tabbers, and more.  

Reliant Inserter Feeder (115v)
Replace-A-Station Feeder

The Reliant Inserter Feeder is a "Replace-A-Station" Feeder for your swing-arm inserters. It combines flexible performance with superior feeding capabilities to precisely separate, singulate, and present many types of mail inserts to the gripper jaw of swing arm inserters at speeds up to 14,000 per hour. Job setups and changeovers are easily and quickly accomplished via toolless adjust features. A large capacity hopper is designed to be loaded from the front or rear of the machine maximizing operator efficiency. The brushless and clutch free motor provides long, dependable performance and the feeder is backed by a two-year limited warranty.

Reliant 1500 (230v)
Replace-A-Station Inserter Feeder (6x9)

For more than 15 years the compact Reliant 1500 has combined flexible performance with superior feeding to precisely separate, singulate, and present many types and sizes of product to your inserter's gripper jaw. Job setups and changeovers are easily and quickly accomplished. A large capacity hopper is conveniently loaded from the front or back. The brushless and clutch-free motor provides dependable feeding performance.
Replace-A-Station Inserter Feeder (9x12)
The V-710DM provides the flexibility of automating “jumbo” format gripper arm inserters and ink jet/tabber bases. The V-710DM allows for quick and easy installation onto most major brands of vacuum/non-vacuum bases and gripper arm inserters. Increases the throughput and reliability of addressing bases.
V-1000, V-1400, V-2000
Inkjet/Tabber Feeder

The most reliable and safest continuous IJ feeders in the market today! Capable of feeding flat and multi-thickness products into mail production streams consistently at high speeds with exceptional alignment qualities. The importance of straight feeding and minimizing skewing can help improve USPS® MERLIN™ verification results, leading to significant savings for a mailing service company.

Feed a wide variety of flat and multi-thickness products into production mail streams including inkjet addressing systems, tabbers, labelers, and more.

Envelope Flap Sealer
Eliminate those pesky paper cuts while reducing the time and mess of manually sealing envelopes. Our new EFS Pro is a desktop automatic envelope flap sealer incorporating the same quality and features that has been built into Streamfeeder equipment for years. From a #9 envelope up to a 10x13, and with various types of flaps, the EFS Pro will provide consistent feeding and flap sealing quality. Convenient and easy to set-up, along with quick changeover from one job to another.
Inserter Water Bottle  

Upgrade your swing-arm inserter today! The Inserter Water Bottle is designed to replace the stock water fountains on most inserters manufactured by Bell+Howell, Phillpsburg, and Mailcrafters. The Inserter Water Bottle accurately meters water to the envelope moistening brush, has higher capacity capabilities, is easier to clean & maintain, and has a positive water shutoff. The Inserter Water Bottle is easy to install and requires no modifications to the inserter. Components are corrosion-resistant and shatter-proof. Available in 4vac and 24vac models to fit most applications.




Labeling Series

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