Collator Series  
  We offer multiple platforms available to meet a variety of requirements, budgets, and future expansion. Basic systems to complex packaging systems are configured to order per customer requirements.  
  Pharma-Outserts Assembly System  
The Pharma-Outserts Assembly System is ideal for assembling multiple outserts together using hot melt glue. Each station is equipped with a barcode reader to read and verify each outsert has the correct barcode and that it is legible. Errant packages are diverted from the line and complete packages discharge onto a belted conveyor for manual gathering/packaging.
  Performance Series  
Performance Series This entry-level collator system is ideal for kit fulfillment and product literature collating. Use as a stand-alone gatherer or roll it up to your automatic L-sealer for increased automated productivity. The system can accommodate up to four feeders to reliably separate, singulate, and deliver a wide variety of product types and sizes to the collator base. Other configurations available.
  Performance Plus Series featuring StreamNet  
PerformancePLUS Collator A mid-level collator system ideal for kit fulfillment and product literature collating. Typically used with fully automatic L-bar sealers to further automate paper packaging applications. Other configurations are available.
  Elite Series featuring FeedNet  
Elite Series A top-level collator system ideal for advanced collating and packaging requirements. Many systems are configured with advanced features to help customers automate their high speed shrink wrappers.
  Configure to Order Collators  
Elite Series Configure to order collation systems allow prospective customers to fully automate new or existing packaging systems where gathering of paper-type products are part of the final package. Systems can easily be created to automate shrink wrappers, cartoners, polybaggers, flow wrappers, and more.



Labeling Series

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