2-Station Direct Mail Fulfillment Collator


To automate a manual assembly with wrapping process by supplying a “turn-key” polybagging solution.

Automate the entire hand collating/bagging operation with a 2-station fulfillment collator with a polybagger.

Two feeders mounted in-line on the conveyor for optimal feeding performance. Feeder 1 loaded with magazines; feeder 2 loaded with addressed cover sheet. For increased feeding accuracy, a single flight sensor to trigger both feeders.

Each passing conveyor flight triggers the feeders to dispense the products onto the conveyor. The conveyor collates and transports
the collated sets to the infeed of the polybagger, where a bag is automatically formed and sealed around the collated product and discharged as a finished package.


Magazines - 8x11 inch multiple color, glossy stock (multiple pages)
Cover Sheet - 8x11 inch single color, paper stock (single page)

Maximum Productivity:
3000 pieces per hour

Average Net Productivity:
2400 pieces per hour

Wrap Style:
Center seal, loose bag

Film Type:
High- or low-density polyethylene films, USPS and non-USPS approved films
up to 1.25 mil

Print registration is offered as an option

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