12-Station Fulfillment Collator


To automate a manual assembly process by supplying feeders,
control software, barcode readers, a diverter, and a turn-over.

This customer, a major printing facility, automated a manual collating process of consumer literature. The system included twelve ST-1250EX feeders mounted on adjustable stands, FeedNet™ Advanced Collator Communications, barcode readers and software, and Streamfeeder-designed divert and turn-over devices.

The FeedNet Control Station supplies all communication to the feeders within the collator to ensure efficient operation. All feeders are equipped with double detection and barcode reading. As each piece is dispensed, the barcode printed on the piece is scanned by a reader (mounted at each feeder) to verify it is the correct piece for
the chosen job. If a “bad” read or “no” read occurs, FeedNet tracks that package through the conveyor to the diverter, where the package is diverted prior to entering the shrink tunnel.

All completed shrink packages advance to a turn-over device that “flips” the product on its opposing side for downstream label placement.


Product Size Range: 2-1/2 x 3 inches up to 8-1/2 x 11 inches
Product Thickness Range: .003 inches up to .500 inches

Line Speed: Variable, up to 100 completed packages per minute.
FeedNet Features: Sequential start/stop, divert signaling, line synchronization,
job size, downstream inhibit, host system I/O, audible alarm, 32-color operator
interface screen, and optional pause/resume stations.

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